The MirrorWhite Story

Our story


Who are we?

Sometimes, it is just serendipity that brings people from diverse backgrounds together and put their heart, soul and passion into a venture to make it come alive. Coming from diverse backgrounds, four women have found a common love in MirrorWhite. We are driven and motivated from within to bring to you, a wonderful amalgamation of the age old and the new. We are not sellers or marketing experts in the truest sense of the word. We appreciate beauty, have an eye for detail, and are driven by a sense of purpose.


Sangeeta is the guide and mentor to the group. With more than 30 years of experience in retailing jewelry, Sangeeta felt that this was her time to give back to the industry that has given her so much. Manju has partnered for many years with craftsmen and small businesses, helping them achieve a fair price in this crowded market place. Indrani brings to the table her innate good taste, and her indefatigable love for silver jewelry. Roshni, having founded an online silver jewelry startup earlier, brings in the expertise of building deep connections with customers of exquisite silver jewelry.


MirrorWhite is not just another online store that sells silver jewelry. It is much more than that to all of us. It's a chance to put back into society from which we all gain so much. 

What is special about MirrorWhite jewelry?

We all love jewelry! Who doesn't? But, the four of us are in love with handcrafted silver jewelry. Every piece of jewelry in our collection is based on ancient art, culture and technique, but reinterpreted to contemporary tastes. Each piece has a unique and wonderful story to tell. When you buy it or gift it, the ornament and the story becomes yours. You are an intricate link in the silversmith’s interpretation of life itself.


Each piece by the artisan carries a whisper from her heart and soul to your heart. It creates a synergy that you can feel. We want you to feel that emotion, the vibration in your soul. When you wear MirrorWhite jewelry, you don't just wear a piece of jewelry, you wear a piece of immortal art. You experience the joy of owning a wonderful piece of exceptional craftsmanship and highest quality.


Each one of you is beautiful, unique and inimitable. Through this piece of art, we want to share with you our happiness, passion and love for silver jewelry. We want you to feel special!

Handcrafted to perfection by our highly skilled artisans

Who makes MirrorWhite jewelry?

MirrorWhite jewelry is made by our outstanding artisans who painstakingly work on each piece of jewelry with the guidance of our designers; from molding, beating, coloring, filigree, hand painting to the finished masterpiece that you see. We at MirrorWhite are committed to bringing a difference to the lives of all these artisans by giving them a platform to showcase their work. They will remain the backbone of our company and we hope to enrich their lives and yours through these beautiful pieces of wearable art.